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Retaining Walls Temecula, CA

If the outdoor areas on your property have sloping land, it can be difficult to construct features such as a driveway, pathways, an outdoor kitchen etc. A certain portion of the sloping land will have to be excavated before anything is built there and this leaves some soil and rock face exposed. Building a retaining wall at this point provides the support the landscape needs and prevents soil erosion too.

Pitkin Landscape & Design provides excellent Paver Installation solutions to customers in and around Temecula, Murrieta, Anza, and Menifee. Over the years, they have also handled a large number of projects for clients across Winchester, Wildomar Lake as well as Elsinore.

Retaining Wall Blocks

While various materials such as natural stone, bricks and concrete can be used to build retaining walls, concrete wall blocks are one of the most widely used materials in these applications. These modular blocks are extremely sturdy and strong and can be used to build walls of any length and height. If you find the concrete surface too dull and boring, you can clad it with natural stone/ brick veneer.

Concrete Blocks

Most landscapers today use concrete blocks in their projects, when they want to build retaining walls. These blocks are extremely resilient and can be used in residential and commercial settings. These are built on a modular a design and are ideal for landscapes that have sloping land. They provide the landscape the support and stability it needs.

Building A Retaining Wall

When you are getting a retaining wall built, you should hire professionals that have experience in the field. These walls are very different from standard ones as they have to provide support to excavated slope faces and graded land. In some cases, they may be built to demarcate areas in outdoor areas on a property. The company that is building the retaining wall will deploy stone masons for the job.

Retaining Wall Design

Most people wonder whether there is any design aspect in retaining wall construction. The fact is that the design of the retaining wall matters a great deal to the overall appearance of the landscape. Good designers will always take the theme and concept of the yard or garden into account when they are building retaining walls. If you want, you can also choose to get the surfaces of the concrete walls clad with veneers.

Block Wall

Block walls are extremely resilient and they can be built in different settings on commercial and residential properties. These blocks are made of concrete and have a modular design. This makes construction of these walls much easier and very lengthy walls can be built within a very short while. However, this is a very specialized job and it’s important that you hire expert and credible professionals for the job.

Creating resilient and long-lasting outdoor spaces is a lot about using hardy materials and hiring experienced contractors for the job. When you choose to get your retaining wall installations done from a company like Pitkin Landscape & Design, you are assured of high-grade workmanship and top notch service.


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